Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Simple Word (A Poem)

I really like poetry, especially rhyming poetry. And I enjoy writing poems, so I am going to share with you this poem I wrote. When written on paper, it was almost two pages long; the longest poem I've ever written. If you like this poem, please comment below. Enjoy.
A Simple Word

A simple word that can change a life,
A simple word that creates strife.
A simple word that is simple not,
A simple word in which countries can get caught.
A simple word of pursuit or retreat,
A simple word able of victory--or defeat.
A simple word that causes people to die,
A simple word that separates without "goodbye".
A simple word, never simple itself,
A simple word that lays around, until taken off a shelf,
Applied to relationships,
And loudly rips
Into provocative pieces, small and large;
Every hardship, struggle, grievance, and charge.
A simple word that has torn,
Many a family--with untouched reasons to mourn.
A simple word, yet, that has united,
Friends and family--as they fighted
The enemy, foe, and traitor,
Asking questions, only later.
A word of division,
But for some--a word also of provision.
But it's not all earned in ways proved "nice",
For the causes and opinions fought for, are surely at a price.
A price of tears,
A price of sorrow,
The price of waking up to your worst fears,
Of laying aside your hopes and dreams for tomorrow.
No matter who is fighting, or has been fought,
Every one of those men and women see
The clear price of what has to be bought
For their future, and what they believe goodness to be.
A simple word of aggretion,
A simple word of depression.
A simple word of sacrifical consequence,
A simple word, of neccesary allegiance.
A simple word, cuasing tradgedy, and also guilt,
But a simple word on which countries are built.
                            A simple, three letter word...

Written on 7-25-16, slightly edited on 7-26-16.
©Amy E. Lane
Pictures were found on Pixabay, but I edited them to make them into what I wanted. Picmonkey was used for my editing.


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    Amy, this is outstanding!! Seriously girl, you're really talented. :) I loved this poem so much!

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