Thursday, June 21, 2018

Please Help Me Reach The Finish Line!

I still need to find 13+ people willing to help children in 3rd world countries through ChildFund International.
My goal is to help 30 kids through ChildFund.
Please contact me ASAP if you are interested by commenting on this page.

A lot of the times we see the needs of others in third world countries, like Kenya, Honduras, and India, for example. But how can we really help?
If a kid can't rise out of the poverty he was born in for lack of education, food, clean water, and clothes, then how will he ever get better?
Well, there is a way to help!

I am partnering with Child Fund International, and am committed to helping 30 children in third world countries receive sponsorship. Child Fund is a non-profit organization out of Richmond, Virginia, and they partner with musicians to help get the word out about the needs of kids in third world countries and, in return, help people like me get their music out there and recorded with help from the Christian band Consumed By Fire. Because of this opportunity, I got to go write and record a song with Consumed By Fire, etc. in the Nashville TN area. The song will hopefully come out around the beginning of 2019. It was amazing.

I am asking you to please partner with me to help a child in a third world country receive food, clothes, clean water, and most importantly, education. This will change their life for the better, as well as yours. The commitment is simple and not too expensive, at $33 a month. That's like going out to eat once in a while, or getting gas.

Are you worried you can't make the donation each month?
There are other options! You can partner up with someone to share the cost (like your family, spouse, friend, grandparent, etc.), pay 6 months or a year in advance, or simply make a donation to the organization if you can't sponsor.


If you would like to pay 6 months or a year all at once online instead of giving monthly, click this link, scroll down, select my name (Amy Lane) as the student you are supporting, and check out!